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Reverb Explained


Reverb is perhaps the most misunderstood /misused effect in the mixer's toolbox today. In this timeless series, DAW superman Eli Krantzberg reveals everything you need to know about this mysterious effect and how to apply it to the most popular instruments in your productions.

Eli starts with a great overview of reverb in general, then breaks down the different sections found in the most common reverb plug-ins. He then shows you practical applications such as reverb on drums, vocals, guitars and even as special effects. He wraps up the series with some great tips on using automation to enhance your reverb effects.

Furthermore, the series is designed so that the information can be applied to any reverb plug-in, so you can start using what you learned immediately.

Let's face it, reverb is probably the most used effect in your DAW. Watch Eli and master this highly complex and important effect. Get "Reverb Explained" today.

Novation Impule Explained


Do you use a Novation Impulse keyboard controller? This awesome, in-depth series from studio meister Eli Krantzberg will reveal all of the amazing features and functions found in the Novation Impulse, as well as how it uses Automap to further enhance its operation.

Eli starts off the series with tour of the keyboard, loading and saving templates and using transpose and MIDI channels. He then goes deeper into the Impusle by ways of the powerful Automap software. He shows you how to map faders and buttons, explains the edit mapping window, manual mapping, re-mapping and much more. He then shows advanced features such as using the arpeggiator and Roll Mode, QWERTY assignments,editing encoder parameters, controlling stand alone software and so much more.

If you're using a Novation Impulse as your controller keyboard, this series is hands down a must see... Watch "Novation Impulse Explained" today.